China Deploys Robots To Assist Traffic Cops

China Deploys Robots To Assist Traffic Cops

Law Enforcement Robotics

Robots to assist Chinese Traffic Police

China just boosted up its energy to use technology to regulate the country, positioning traffic robots to support law implementation in the town of Handan in Hebei province of China.  

The state-backed news agency Xinhua reported a team of robots had been installed to help traffic police in making rounds, providing people with information, and notifying accident warnings. 

The sensors in the artificial intelligence robots allow them to move independently in every direction akin to a human. These robots can capture photos of cars that trespassed on parking rules, authenticate driver’s licenses, and even guide traffic. According to government plans, the robots would be deployed in public places like train stations and airports and would be used 24 hours a day.

Robots developed using the latest technology

AI, cloud computing, big data, and laser-based navigations were used to create robots, quoted another state news agency.

China Deploys Robots To Assist Traffic Cops

The robots are divided into three groups. The first one resembles a traffic police officer with a yellow uniform and white hat. The robot can recognize drivers, capture photos of unlawful behavior, and warn pedestrians.

Another one is the advice traffic robot which will be deployed at vehicle management stations and can respond questions, signal any doubtful activity to police and assist commuters and Chinese residents.

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The third robot functions to warn drivers in passing vehicles if police are handling a traffic accident. 

China way ahead to deploy robots as police

This is not the first time that China has deployed robots to function as a police officer. China has always used an up-to-date, state of the art technology in policing system. Previously in 2016, China launched AnBot, which patrols the Shenzhen airport. In 2017, it started setting up the E-Patrol Robot Sheriff to guard the streets of China. The country used advanced technology like facial recognition system to keep a check on its citizens and catch criminals. It also required all new cars to have RFID tags so that the drivers can’t deceive at tollways. A few police officers are now provided facial recognition glasses that help to identify people alleged or wanted for a crime.